BREAKING: China Issues “Final Warning” Before Total War

The Chinese government is beginning preparations for a major war with their neighbors and former ally.

The Chinese foreign minister has issued a final warning to North Korea. If North Korea proceeds with a sixth nuclear weapons test, China will cut the country off.

China is the only remaining ally of the despotic country, and has threatened to end all economic relations and will blockade North Korea if they continue testing.

If China ceases relations, then North Korea will be completely surrounded by enemies.

The Chinese government is issuing the final warning after President Trump demanded that the Chinese president take a major role in tackling the threat of North Korea.

China has already begun putting pressure on the rogue state, and have ordered all Chinese traders to stop purchasing North Korean coal, opting for American fuel instead.

A blockade of North Korea would spell disaster for the already starving population, preventing them from restocking essential goods.

The Chinese government has already begun the preparations for a major war in the region as American and North Korean threats continue to mount.

Over 150,000 troops have been stationed on the border between the Korean peninsula and China. The primary propose of the increased military spending is to prevent the mass influx of refugees into China that would destroy their economy if a war were to break out.

Additionally, the Chinese government has issued a warning to all citizens staying in the North Korean capitol of Pyongyang to evacuated at once. However, many have decided to remain, believing the propaganda of the despotic regime.

The potential of total war now rests in the hands of the clearly unstable leader of North Korea.

The only hope for the dictator is to play nice and stop developing nuclear weapons. If they conduct another weapons test, it will be their last.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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