BREAKING: Clint Eastwood Makes TRAGIC Announcement – Fans Devastated

In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find any celebrity who is brave enough to defy the mainstream media’s pro-Muslim agenda. That’s why liberals are furious with director Clint Eastwood this week after he announced that his next film will not be submitting to their ridiculous demands.

Eastwood is reportedly facing tons of backlash after it was announced that his next film will focus on the terror attack that occurred on a French Train in August of 2015. The legendary director plans to use the film as a tribute to the three brave men who stopped the attack and took the terrorist down.

Americans Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Briton Chris Norman were on a train from Brussels to Paris when a terrorist entered a bathroom and came out with an AK47. The three men immediately jumped to action, risking their lives to take the terrorist down before he could kill anyone.

H/T Truthmonitor

Eastwood believes that this is a story that needs to be told, but liberals are livid that the film would portray a Muslim in a negative light. SHARE this story if you support Eastwood and his latest film!

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