BREAKING: Leaked Documents Connect Obama to Major Felony, Should He Go To Prison?

With each passing week, evidence continues to pile up that shows just how shady and corrupt the Obama White House was. No Russians need apply, for it was Team Obama that had a hand in leaking Hillary Clinton’s emails.

A recently unearthed note from the FBI clearly shows that Obama’s White House counsel was deliberating about what to do regarding Clinton’s emails back in the spring of 2015. Despite Obama’s lying and saying that he first learned about Clinton’s emails through the media, a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, was trying to re-classify Clinton’s emails.

However, behind the scenes, Obama officials were working hard to remove the “Secret” and “Top Secret” classifications from Clinton’s leaked emails in an attempt to undercut the scandal.

One could make the argument that Team Obama tried everything to keep Clinton out of jail.

The early involvement of the Obama administration in the scandal is classic Democratic subterfuge. After all, Obama’s minions and Clinton campaign aides knew Hillary broke the law, but they voted to “clean up” the mess instead of pursuing justice.

It may also be possible that by 2015, the Obama State Department and the FBI had already destroyed the worst of Clinton’s leaked emails. As bad as Clinton’s emails were, they could have been a lot worse.

Knowing now that Obama played an early role in the response to the email scandal, one must wonder why the scandal was not handled better. Of course Clinton should be in jail, but one would think that a full-fledged cover-up campaign would have been more successful.

The internet makes total suppression near impossible, for one thing. There may be the possibility that mutual disdain between the Clintons and Obama played a role in how the scandal was handled. One way or another, we know someone isn’t, and hasn’t been, telling the truth.

A 2016 email dump by Guccifer 2.0 revealed private emails between Colin Powell and Democratic mega donor Jeffrey Leeds that openly discussed how much Bill and Hillary hate Obama. For the most part, the Clintons call Obama “that man” in order to keep their lips from becoming sullied.

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We know that Obama is a very petty man. It isn’t unthinkable that he would deliberately sabotage an enemy or opponent. In this case, Obama’s corrupt and vile nature backfired, and his efforts only served to push Clinton’s illegal activities into the spotlight.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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