BREAKING: Obama “Shadow Government” Operative Just ARRESTED, It’s Finally Happening

Even though Obama is out of the White House, we know for a fact he still has operators trying to undermine Trump’s presidency. But Obama’s little army just lost a key member.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced it had arrested a State Department employee, Candace Claiborne, for “obstructing an official proceeding and making false statements to the FBI.”

Claiborne’s history with the State Department, however, proves this “shadow government” has been in place for some time and runs much deeper than just former President Obama.

Candace Claiborne was first brought into the State Department in 1999, under none other than President Bill Clinton.

During her early days, she had multiple assignments overseas, including several countries in the Middle East and China.

Oddly enough, these are also countries who have funneled money to the Clinton Foundation during the now infamous pay-to-play scandal Hillary was running while she was in charge of the Department of State.

This most recent arrest explains a lot that went on during the presidential campaign, and the events shortly thereafter.

I have to believe Clinton knew Claiborne was in place, hence the urgent meeting the Attorney General at the time, Loretta Lynch, had on the tarmac with Bill.

I would even speculate that Lynch herself knew about the traitor, and that Bill made it quite clear that dropping the charges against Hillary was necessary to ensure that Claiborne was not outed.

This would also explain the quick turnaround in attitude by Michelle and Barack Obama on Hillary when everyone realized she was no longer a shoo-in to win the presidency. Even though they openly despised the Clintons, they were forced to back her.

To protect their own interests, Hillary had to be put into the White House for fear of one of their top spies being outed by Trump if he were to win the presidency.

Low and behold, Trump won and, miraculously, a woman that has been operating within our government for the enemy for almost two decades has been outed.

If my speculations are correct, this is not the last we are going to hear from Ms. Claiborne. She will, more than likely, cut a deal and spill the beans about the corrupt administrations of both Clinton, and Obama.

Her arrest is a major coup for the Trump administration and is one that should provide quite the bounty in upcoming months.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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