BREAKING: Trump Announces How He’ll Celebrate “National Day of Prayer”. Do You Support?

Conservatives are preparing for a massive win in the battle over religious freedom.

President Trump has invited religious leaders from across the country to visit the White House for the National Day of Prayer. It is expected that he will use the occasion to sign an executive order on religious freedom.

The controversial order was spearheaded by Vice President Mike Pence, who attempted to draft similar legislation as the governor of Indiana.

The order is expected to abate fears of Christian Trump supporters after the recent spending bill did not change the funding for Planned Parenthood.

The Nation obtained an early leaked version of the executive order and published it online. They described the bill as legalizing discrimination.

The executive order provides major protections for private individuals and non-profits, preventing them from being forced to provide services they disagree with on a religious basis.

“Americans and their religious organizations will not be coerced by the federal government into participating in activities that violate their conscience,” reads a portion of the leaked order.

The White House claimed that the leaked version of the order was one of many drafts; the order is still being reworked and President Trump is expected to sign the final version soon.

The purpose of the order is to provide protection to churches and private charities. For example, churches will be allowed to refuse to hold marriage services for gay people or adoption charities can prevent same-sex couples from adopting.

The usual suspects, such as the UCLA, have come out against the order and plan to sue the White House for discrimination. It is true that the executive order will make discrimination legal, but it is discrimination by private groups and not the federal government.

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It is simply un-American for the federal government to force citizens into behavior they find reprehensible.

It is not the role of government to regulate morality, and no one should be forced to bake a cake.

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