This Comparison of JFK and Barack Obama is Going Viral. Obama is Humiliated.

The differences between the Democrats of today and the Democrats who came before is a huge wake-up call, no wonder so many people are refusing to recognize themselves as Democrats anymore. I wouldn’t either!

This picture shows how dramatically the Democrat party has fallen. It’s no longer about “what you can do for your country,” but “what can my country give me for free.”

Obama and the rest of the liberals out there love to note how Trump “lacks the experience” that is necessary to be a successful President of the United States, and yet still think Obama was “qualified,” even though he ruined this country and had limited experience in politics himself. He surely was not ready to handle the mantel of this country whereas Trump ran a billion dollar empire!

Career politicians aren’t good for the country, plain and simple.

Despite Obama’s assurances that Trump would fail this nation, and that he didn’t have what it takes, Trump is proving him wrong with each passing day. Trump has brought jobs back to the American people, is building a wall, is cracking down on immigration, and is calling for a more secure vetting system.

And this was all in the first month! What exactly did Obama do the eight years in the White House besides make friendship bracelets with former Vice President Biden.

From the ignorance and refusal to say anything negative about Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration, to the horrible healthcare legislation which tricked Americans with the world “affordable,” to the strict environmental measures protecting puddles, it was a series of terrible decisions.

Obama and other corrupt Democrats turned their party from one of democracy and freedoms to control and socialism. It’s seems like an entirely different party altogether, one that is very anti-American.

And why was Obama so successful in making this change? Because of the color of his skin and his board and a message for “hope” and “change.” People were so caught up in electing the “First Black President” that they didn’t even bother to listen to his political views, not even the second time!

Trump had the slogan, “Make America Great Again” and he gave real and concrete ways that he would make this happen. He didn’t hold anything back on the campaign trail and laid out his hard-hitting plan to the American people, never changed it, and is now following through on it. This is why we elected him, he’s smart, driven, and his love and pride for this country is apparent.

Trump is showing what the American people can do for their country, Trump is showing us that the United States should be our priority. Obama and Clinton merely wanted to throw away our borders and make people dependent on government. JFK would be ashamed.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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