Damning Obama Footage From 1995 Surfaces – He Never Wanted This Coming Out…

During his sham of a presidency, Barack Hussein Obama divided this country along racial lines like no president had before. He did this by vilifying white people and making other minority groups hate them passionately.

This week, some footage from 1995 surfaced showing that Obama was racist against white people long before he ever took office. The video shows Obama say that when he was a teenager, he believed that “any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” inasmuch as they were all racist.

He then said that anyone who called this worldview paranoid was the same thing as using the “n-word.”

After watching this video, it should come as no surprise that just 13 years later, Obama began perpetrating a massive racial division in the U.S.

H/T Truthmonitor

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