Ford Cancels Their Plans And Is Coming Back To Trump’s America

Donald Trump is not even in the office yet and is already more effective than President Barack Obama. He is one step closer to making America great again.

From Angrypatriotmovement:

Trump equals business and it seems like our manufacturers are starting to get the message that they better keep their plants here if they want to sell here.

Bloomberg reported that Ford is planning on investing $700 million to expand its plant in Flat Rock, Michigan instead of their previous plan to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico. This means that with the expansion thousands more jobs will not only be kept in America, but a lot of new jobs will be created too.

President-elect Trump made it clear that the companies that are selling but not built here will face heavy levies on their products. Trump’s critics said that this move will only drive prices up and end up hurting the customer. But this is not 100% true.

This will drive prices up, but the customers will now have the choice of buying something much cheaper from a company that actually uses U.S. products and makes their items in the United States.

These days, money is a specific subject for a lot of Americans and the manufacturers are starting to understand that brand loyalty now only goes so far. When someone has a choice between similar products, one cheaper than the other, it is obvious that everyone will go for the cheaper version.

It seems like Ford made a really smart move gaining the loyalty of the Patriotic Americans which will go a long way for the future of the business. Maybe it will hurt their overall bottom line a little but on a long term it would definitely pay off.

Americans have been brutal on Ford and even calling for boycotts and it seems like all of our actions in voicing the dissatisfaction did carry a little weight in Ford making this decision.

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