The Government Needs Congressional Term Limits-NOW!

The best way to drain the swamp is by establishing term limits on the career politicians. These term limits will force them to make their time in Congress count. With term limits, it will possible to drain the swamp.

Fortunately, Ted Cruz and DeSantis are working on an amendment to the Constitution that proposes term limits. The Left is terrified of these two guys because they (like true conservatives) believe in the Constitution and respect it. Liberals, on the contrary, hate the Constitution.

But why the Left is so anti-American? It’s because they are globalists and with term limits, Trump administration is making sure the globalists can’t stay too much in power.

Term limits would oblige the globalists to continuously spend money on new politicians and that is far more expensive than keeping officeholders in power. If George Soros wants to manipulate our country, let’s make some hurt on his wallet while he does it.

These globalists have made serious harms to this country. Crime rates have skyrocketed and illegal immigrants are invading our cities. It’s time to put an end to this nonsense.

 H/T Therightsnews

With President Trump and the effective support of true patriots like Ted Cruz and DeSantis, the swamp is in full panic mode because they know that these 3 men will surely drain it.

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