JUST IN: Mike Flynn Gets Some DEVASTATING News… Things Are About to Get Messy

On Thursday night, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn dropped a bombshell when he said he would testify about President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia in exchange for immunity. One day later, however, Flynn has gotten some very bad news.

NBC News reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee just turned down Flynn’s request for immunity, which he made through his lawyer. A senior congressional official confirmed that Flynn’s lawyer was told the request was “wildly preliminary” and that immunity was “not on the table” at the moment.

Another source said the committee is “not receptive” to Flynn’s request “at this time.”

The senior congressional official also told reporters that Flynn’s lawyer had given the offer of testimony in exchange for immunity from prosecution to the Justice Department. This comes hours after President Trump broke his silence about Flynn’s request.

“Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!” he wrote on Twitter.

“General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it,” Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner said after he made the request. He went on to accuse the media of being “awash with unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason, and vicious innuendo.”

“No reasonable person, who has the benefit of advice from counsel, would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurance against unfair prosecution,” Kelner said in his Thursday statement.

H/T Truthmonitor

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