MAJOR SCANDAL BLOWS OPEN: 30 Democrats Caught Committing TREASON

Republican Georgia Sen. David Perdue dropped a bombshell on Thursday when he revealed on the Senate floor that 30 Democratic senators met with the Russian ambassador in 2015 to pitch President Obama’s nuclear Iran deal, all while openly supporting Democratic presidential candidates.

The Daily Caller reported that Perdue did this to try and defend Attorney General Jeff Sessions from accusations that he lied to Congress about his communications to a Russian ambassador during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He slammed his Democrat colleagues for “slandering” a former member of the upper chamber.

“We have literally reached a point where members of this body are slandering former colleagues for having and taking the same opportunities afforded to them,” Perdue said. “This morning my colleague, the senior senator from Missouri [Claire McCaskill], tweeted that she had never, ever, met with or taken a call from the Russian Ambassador. But her own Twitter account proved that she has at least twice in the last four years.”

Back when he was a senator, Sessions served on the Senate Armed Services Committee with Perdue and Democratic Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who found herself making conflicting statement about her contacts with the Russian ambassador.

“Thirty members, as a matter of fact, of this body met with the Russian Ambassador and ambassadors from other nations in 2015 for a sales pitch on President Obama’s deal with Iran. Many of them — including the senior senator from Missouri — were open supporters at that time of candidates in the presidential race,” he said.

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