Muslim Vows Mid-Air Takeover On Airplane, Ex-Cop BRUTALLY Cuts His Plans Short

Terrorists are so incompetent that they cannot even pick a strategic seat on a plane to enact their cowardly plans.

A flight was about half-way to their destination when a Muslim man stood up shouting about his jihad. Thankfully, sitting near him was a retired British police officer specialized in counter-terrorism. The officer, Chris Phillips, subdued the Muslim quickly and effectively, saving everyone on board from his threats of violence.

I live for stories like this, Patriots. This is why it is important we support our allies. This brave police officer single-handedly saved the lives of dozens of innocent civilians. We need to take care of our veterans and retired police officers.

Of course, the mainstream media has not reported this story. They are too busy reporting other nonsense or attempting to discredit our courageous president. The left are the kings and queens of misdirection and using emotion to cloud logic.

We do not treat our veterans and retired police officers well enough. This man should have been sitting in first class, but we should be thankful he was close enough to drop this incompetent terrorist. Hopefully this radical Islamic terrorist’s interrogation will be thorough. We want every piece of information this jihadist has locked in his inept brain.

The left would have you believe that these radical Muslims are not in the minority, but why is it that every day there is another jihadist in the news? Why can’t we just be honest about this problem?

America is a great country. We are a welcoming country, but we cannot just roll out the red carpet for everyone, and the same goes for our allies. Thankfully, the British are competent, and so are their people. After Brexit, we now know that the British understand the problems caused by massive immigration and radical Islam.

We need to stand with our allies, like the United Kingdom and Israel. These are our best friends, and after eight years of Obama, it is a miracle that they have stuck by us. The globalists will stop at nothing to tear down our borders, but Trump has reversed that.

We need to remember that we can still fight the globalists while embracing our allies. We should be very grateful that the people of the United Kingdom are well prepared. This man might have been in our country, but we already have so many homegrown terrorists that the media is stumbling trying to hide the truth.

The mainstream media loves to throw curve balls, and they have gotten very clever. The reason they are so clever is that there are so many of them, and they are well-organized. However, I won’t let these stories slip through the cracks. It is important we stay on top of these stories.

The left and their cronies think everyone believes what they have to say. Dear media: there is more to America than just Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. We are a country of hard workers. We are not a bunch of studio apartment hipsters.

The big city liberals love to impose their views on all of us, but we are the silent majority. We need to keep getting louder, patriots. We need to let the media know that we will not fall for their lies, anymore. We need the media to know that we demand the truth.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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