Obese Welfare Leech Finds Out Her Food Stamps Are CANCELLED – Watch How She Reacts [VIDEO]

In November of last year, voters in Massachusetts legalized the use of marijuana for recreational use. Unfortunately, this law is so new that state representatives still don’t know how to regulate it.

Mad World News reported that one of the main issues with the law is that people can use their EBT cards to buy cannabis, meaning that our tax dollars are legally being used to purchase drugs. Now, Republican State Rep. Shaunna O’Connell is trying to fix this issue by placing marijuana next to alcohol and tobacco on the list of things you cannot purchase with an EBT card.

“I want to be proactive in protecting funds for people who really need them and protecting taxpayers’ dollars,” said O’Connell. “We always want to be proactive to close these loopholes and stop fraud and abuse because these are important programs that help people.”

“We recognize that people are prescribed medical marijuana. They can use their money for other prescriptions, (so) that one should be no different,” she added. “But when it comes to recreational, that’s a different story. It’s akin to someone buying alcohol or cigarettes or some other item that isn’t considered a necessity. We know that there is only so much assistance to go around, we want to help people in need, we want to make sure that that money is being used appropriately.”

O’Connell said she is confident that she will be successful in this endeavor.

“I have not heard from anyone yet that opposes this, and I am glad; I think that’s a good sign. I’m not sure what kind of opposition there could possibly be,” explained O’Connell. “Because in the law right now we already have prohibited items that are similar to this, so it really just makes sense, now that it’s legal. This is a great opportunity to let everyone know that hey, we recognize this could be a problem, we’re being proactive, and we’re going to do something about it now.”

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