Prayers at Donald Trump’s inauguration

Six popular clergy participants– involving a Catholic cardinal, black and Hispanic Protestant thought leaders and a rabbi definitely will pray at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

From Western Journalism:

President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony goes on to form, his inaugural board announced Wednesday six holy leaders set to talk during the Jan. 20 events.

One of the notable figures requested to deliver a grace at Trump’s inauguration is Franklin Graham, the son of popular evangelist Billy Graham.

Graham, who provides as president of the Christian humanitarian aid association Samaritan’s Purse, is standing to provide a benediction side by side with Rabbi Marvin Hier and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

The event will start with viewings as well as a calling from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, pastor Paula White and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the Countrywide Hispanic Christian Guidance Conference.

While at the same time Graham ended short of supporting Trump through the election, he supported the then candidate’s statements on concerns including a suggested grace period on Muslim immigration into the U.S.

Sticking to Trump’s victory, Graham motivated Americans to pray for the president-elect. He even made a presentation at a Mobile, Ala., rally early this month through which he accepted God’s intervention to get the election outcomes.

” I don’t have any scientific information,” he said to the crowd. “I don’t have a stack of emails to read to you. However, I have an opinion. I believe it was God. God showed up. He answered the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people across this land who had been praying for this country.”

The addition of Graham and Dolan, who provides as the archbishop of New York, got widespread press attention this specific week.

The several others included round out a wide-ranging group of faith leaders.

” I am pleased to announce that a diverse set of faith leaders will offer readings and prayers at the swearing-in of President-elect Trump and honor the vital role religious faith plays in our multicultural, vibrant nation,” Presidential Inauguration Committee Chairman Tom Barrack stated in an announcement.

Hier will definitely be the first rabbi to talk at a presidential inauguration in more than 30 years while African-Americans, Hispanics, and women are also presented.

Jackson got some media observation during the overall election when a Trump presence he held at Detroit’s Great Faith Ministries was disrupted by revolutionists.

The administrator eventually knocked the demonstration and New Era Detroit, the group responsible for it.

” Look at their track record,” he claimed. “They have a bunch of drug users and drug pushers.”

Jackson headed to make it very clear “Trump has every right to worship here, like anyone else.”

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  1. Marge Furman

    December 30, 2016 at 8:02 am

    This is refreshing to hear a Jewish Rabbi, Franklin Graham, Hispanic Bishop & a Pastor speak at President Trump & V P Mike Prince’s Inauguration. This blesses me so much that my heart rejoices that Our Elohim The Holy One One Of Israel will get the Glory for the outcome of this election at this important celebration & inauguration of 2017. It is history in the making.

  2. Sofia. Espinosa

    December 30, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Wonderful,evidence of bringing God back into the equation

  3. fay

    December 30, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    WEll though out plan.

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