SHOCK VIDEO: American City Has Been TAKEN OVER By Radical Muslims. Trump Was RIGHT.

When Trump warned us about radical Islam, liberals shrugged him off or labeled him a racist. However, now there is proof that things are MUCH worse than we actually thought.

The town of Dearborn, Michigan, is no longer a proud American city but one overrun with Islamic buildings, churches, and stores. Walking through the streets, you’d think you are in the Middle East rather than an American city!

This is what Trump was trying to tell the American people, but the liberals refused to listen. They preach “acceptance” and “tolerance,” unaware that our country is being overrun!

This is beyond overstepping their bounds. These Muslim people have absolutely taken over the city. Americans no longer own this place.

Obama pushed refugees into this country, and this is the result. They have to go somewhere and they often stick together. Then they open businesses that only cater to each other, abandon English because they all speak other languages, and drive anyone expecting American culture out.

Many of these refugees are on welfare, taking advantage of the American people. We put them in nice houses, and buy their meals. We the People are paying for them to steal our country.

This is why we didn’t want them in our country, but did Obama listen? No, of course not. He didn’t care about what the American people would want, or what would be best for us. Instead, he ignored our very valid concerns and threw open the doors to America.

So, not only are we struggling with lack of jobs, inadequate healthcare, stunted businesses, and increasing homelessness — but we have to deal with illegals and refugees. This is heinous, and shouldn’t be happening! Our identity as a country is being threatened.

Besides, this is exactly what the terrorists said would happen. They have stated that they would defeat America, not with weapons, but by “out-breeding” us and taking over our country.

It is already happening and Dearborn is proof of that. The Muslim people want to take over America and put us under Sharia Law, this is no secret. The American people need to start listening to Donald Trump, because he now in danger of losing our very own country.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom

    March 7, 2017 at 6:28 am

    I’ll say it again. Islam is comprised of two aspects, church and state. It was designed that way on purpose to control the masses. In doing so however, it forever corrupted the religious aspect. Islam the religion I can deal with on religious freedom terms. Islam the state is unequivocally corrupt and has no place in western civilizations. Islam the state through shariah law promotes slavery, oppression, and death and I completely reject it.

    Islam needs to do some soul searching. I believe many muslims realize this fact. I don’t know how far along in that process they are or what direction they are headed but that is irrelevant to me. I am concerned about Americas survival. The bottom line is Islam needs to seperate church from state to be legitimate. No country can operate under two states. That would be the very definition of anarchy. In America we have chosen the Constitution as our supreme law of the land. Islam the state, specifically sharia law, is antithetical to our Constitution.

    When I travel to a foriegn country I must concider the laws of the country I intend to visit. In Britain for example, I need to drive on the left side of the street or trouble will ensue. I wouldn’t expect to get out of trouble by claiming that rule offends me. I am a guest after all so I accept the rule. If I decide to stay and try to become a citizen I would logically have to concider if I can live by all there rules going forward.

    I believe globalists have allied with Islam for one reason. Islam provides a portable state. Furthermore it is insulated from scrutiny because it is also a religion. Islam hides behind the religious aspect to assert Islam the state. If it gets any push back all it has to do is claim it is being persecuted on religious grounds. This of course is illegitimate but they are given leeway, and in to many cases aid from their globalist allies.

    This line of reasoning is why I have drawn my conclusions. Islam the religion is welcome in America. Islam the state I reject categorically. Extreme vetting needs to include this expectation of seperation when muslims arrive in America. Then again I am no expert. All I do know is our Constitution promotes freedom. Islam the state (shariah law) promotes slavery, oppression and death. Islam must seperate church from state to remain legitimate.

    One intriguing thing I have not been able to verify goes back to our founders. Specifically, Thomas Jefferson. What was his motivation for the establishment clause in the first ammendment. I see why its of value in this case particularly. I am also aware of Jeffersons efforts and exposure to Islam back in the day.

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