Trump CANNOT Believe What The NYPD Just Did To Illegal Immigrants In New York City!

NYPD has officially told ICE officials about the court dates of undocumented people. David Gonzalez was arrested by ICE and Milton Chimborazo was inquired about by ICE and the NYPD obliged.

If you remember, Bill De Blasio pledged that New York would remain a sanctuary city!


God bless the NYPD for standing up to Bill de Blasio and listening to the orders of President Donald Trump. If only the rest of the federal government would follow suit?!

NYPD has set the precedent that they will stand for the rights of their people of this country and help deport illegal criminals.

I mean Jeff Sessions did make it very clear what would happen to the cities and states that do not comply.

*** SHARE THIS and let’s send a message of support to the NYPD! Sanctuary cities are criminal harbors. They are not legal under the constitution and represent a separate set of laws. Shoooooootttt… The Democrats haven’t been this mad since the Republicans got rid of their slaves last time!

H/T Libertywriters

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