WATCH: Antifa Protesters Take On “Bikers For Trump,” Immediately Regret It

Antifa is a terrorist group. It is really that simple. However, unlike the violent ISIS or Al-Qaeda terrorists, Antifa is mostly full of noodle-armed college students and burnouts who have never won a fair fight in their lives.

As evidence, during a free speech protest in Berkeley on Thursday, masked Antifa protesters were mostly cowed into silence by the presence of muscular members of Bikers for Trump. These bikers, along with other free speech protesters, allowed conservative speakers Gavin McInnes and Lauren Southern to read off parts of the very same speech by Ann Coulter that was cancelled by the University of California, Berkeley last minute. 

ANTIFA is full of cowards. They only strike when they outnumber their opponents, or when they know their opponents are not looking.

ANTIFA thug and community college professor Eric Clanton not only used a bike lock to strike an unarmed and unsuspecting individual at the Tax Day riot in Berkeley, but he also attended a stab-happy protest in Sacramento in 2016.

Other ANTIFA cowards have disrupted pro-Trump rallies by pepper spraying women, mob attacking lone individuals, and sucker punching interview subjects.

However, whenever Bikers for Trump appear on the scene, ANTIFA always seems to back down.

American motorcycle clubs have a proud history of disrupting and destroying anti-American protests. In New York City, members of the Hallowed Sons MC stopped an anarchist protest before an American flag could be fully burnt.

Way back in 1965, legendary outlaw biker gang The Hells Angels used physical violence to break-up an anti-war protest on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. A hundred hulking bikers told the pampered students to “Go back to Russia.”

Today, Berkeley has once again become a battleground for political violence in American life. Each time a conservative speaker was brought to campus, ANTIFA goons used violence to try and force pro-free speech attendees to back down. The liberals are scared of the truth.

Fortunately, the right is fighting back. From Kyle Chapman (aka Based Stickman) to the men of Bikers for Trump, the American right is proving that is has a lot of fight left in it. We will not turn this country into a PC nightmare, and it seems that the ongoing Battle of Berkeley may decide the fate of America for years to come.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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