WATCH: Katie Couric SUED For Her Nasty Lies. Should She Be Fired?

For too long, liberal journalists have gotten away with lies and half-truths. Katie Couric is a prime example of such deceit, and now she’s paying for it.

Couric, a long-time proponent of gun confiscation, is currently being sued to the tune of $12 million. The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) claims that Couric and director Stephanie Soechtig made misleading edits to their anti-gun documentary Under the Gun. Specifically, the two liberal women made specific edits with the intent of making VCDL members look uninformed about gun control. 

Suing Couric is a good first step towards keeping the liberal media as honest as possible. The mainstream media loves to lie.

Under the Gun maliciously tries to paint all Second Amendment advocates as ignorant of current gun control procedures, including background checks and certain loopholes involving gun shows.

Unlike the victims of Michael Moore and other far-left propagandists, the VCDL looks poised to hold Couric’s feet to the fire. Thank goodness!

Furthermore, James O’Keefe, the leader of Project Veritas, has released plenty of evidence showing how much Couric and Soechtig doctored their interview with the VCDL.

O’Keefe summarizes his finding by correctly pointing out that our media should be held to the same standards that they hold all of us to. Sarah Palin is also right that it’s sad that it takes a million-dollar lawsuit to bring journalistic fraud to light.

Beneath of all the panic about so-called “fake news,” the mainstream media is truly worried about the rise of citizen journalists. Thanks to the widespread use of cellular phones, everyone can be a reporter today.

Furthermore, many citizens are not financially attached to the same liberal bias industry as Couric and others are. Today, journalists are the only profession that is more liberal (on average) than college professors.

By harping on “fake news,” the left-wing media is crying wolf. Not only have they been lying to us for decades, but now that everyone knows it, they’re in a panic to try and protect what remains of their monopoly on information.

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While it has led to the growth of many negative things within our culture, especially among young Americans, the internet has successfully provided a more truthful and honest alternative to the traditional media. These days, an anonymous blogger is more factual than a billionaire talking head on CNN. Nothing scares the left more than this obvious truth.

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