Giuliani Calls Out Obama On Terrorism

We all have witnessed years of disasters and nightmares. Eight years of cancer development of society. But these eight years of American disaster will be over soon. Obama and his administration have always been against the interest of American and its great values.

We have had enough and it seems like Rudy Giuliani has had enough too. He finally speaks the truth!

From Theconservativerepublic:

The whole world knows that Barack Obama has backed down to countries threatening the US and he is afraid to stand up for the United States.

Eight years of pleasing the foreign enemies and terrorists garnered the president bitter criticism from the former mayor of a major US city. But the country’s hope is focused on President-elect Donald Trump who speaks the truth without holding and is going to make this country great again.

On Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s The Cats Roundtable, the former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said that the president Obama indifferent attitude when dealing with terrorism.  Giuliani reported that Obama refuses to say  ‘radical Islamic terrorism’  and he is treating it like these are at worst individual criminal acts.

Guiliani also predicted that we are going to see more peaceful world because we are going to have a president who is going to put his foot down with regard to this radical Islamic terrorism that has been going on. He added that the goal of the United States has to be to wipe out radical Islamic terrorism, which is so different from what we have been experiencing for the last eight years.

A lot of Americans who don’t want to see terrorism expand any further are encouraged by Guiliani’s words.

You can watch the video Here

Barack Obama can’t gather the courage to take out ISIS and other terrorist’s supporters. He has been failing as a chief of this country for a long time.

Ths is an opportunity for Donald Trump to succeed where Obama regularly failed and set the US on a corrective course.

Tell use what you think about Giuliani’s speak out.

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